Main Ribbon [REVIT]
  1. Connect: Start the connection protocol process with AutoCAD. Once the connection is established, it is displayed in the text block next to it.

  2. Level-Manage: Creates or modifies project levels.

  3. Level-View: Options to set elementsvisibility due to their levels or column grids.

  4. Modeling-Family Spec: Creates specification files to group elements types in the form of a tree view. These files can then be loaded in AutoCAD to model from.

  5. Modeling-Modify: Modifies existing elements in the project file.

  6. Import-GetFrom AutoCAD: If there is a life connection, this one click command imports any new elements created in AutoCAD.

  7. Import-Import: Imports a full LINKo7 format modeling file.

  8. Import-3D: Switch the view into a pre-defined LINKo7 3D view.

  9. Import-Sync: similar to Get From AutoCAD except it deletes all previous imported elements and inserts everything that exists in AutoCAD. This option also requires live connection.

  10. Import-Custom Family: Import cutom families defined in AutoCAD and creates a template for each one.